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The Full Story

Becoming Lotus 

In 2019 after I had my third baby, a boy, I suddenly started getting really unwell. I developed chronic pain, neuropathy in my arms and legs, and was eventually diagnosed with Intracranial Hypertension and POTS rare forms of Dysautonomia*. 

Christmas day 2020. I saw my daughter for 1 hour in between two consecutive abdominal debridement surgeries at a public hospital. I had an infection from a prior surgery and was developing sepsis.

I couldn't have held her tighter. I shared the room with two cancer patients and a pregnant drug addict. But in this moment I could have been in paradise because I was a mum seeing and celebrating Christmas with my baby on Christmas day.

Fast forward to 2022 I spent a large chunk of my year in St Vincent's hospital in Sydney, working and running a business from a hospital bed, facetiming the kids, watching raging floodgates rise and fall. I missed mothers day, my birthday and through a blur of surgeries (brain for the third time, ileostomy, reverse ileostomy, bowel resection, bowel untwisting, bowel removal, prolapse repair and bladder repair I've learnt something but it's actually nothing new and is something you can use everyday to live the life you want.


GRIT is the substance of the choices we make in the direction of life and living.

It is all about choice.

We're not given much time in the world to do all the things we want, could do or possibilities we could entertain. We are given choices, every day.

What's yours?

How will you turn your adversities into Lotus?

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